Originally, Hans Wittrup started Medpro as a side project.

Today, the company is the focal point to him and 250 employees.

Based on his own personal experience as visiting doctor in Norway during his medical training in Denmark, he saw the need to establish a business to assist both the user clinic/hospital/office and the supplier visiting doctor with a place to learn about positions available and all the details required to fulfill the need. This included certifications, language, travel, accommodation, salary, benefits, etc. This recruitment and staffing agency was founded in Norway and was focused on GP surgeries /Family Medicine clinics as well as hospitals in Scandinavia as well as hospitals in England under the National Health Service (NHS) as well as private clinics in the UK.

As an example of one such service provided – in 2003 Gibraltar experienced a large backlog of patients in requiring cataract removal and contracted with Medpro to perform these operations. Medpro accomplished this task by recruiting ophthalmologists from Scandinavia to spend their weekends in Gibraltar. When the recruitment company sold in 2011, it was one of the three largest in Scandinavia. The success of this business and its ultimate sale contributed to Hans’ desire to create something from nothing.

In 2007, Medpro acquired its first general practice clinic (Swedish “vårdcentral”) in Trollhattan. Today, Dr. Wittrup leads Medpro Clinc Group as CEO. The company consists of six medical clinics in Sweden that annually provide services to more than 47,000 patients.  In addition, Medpro operates six rehabilitation physiotherapy clinics; a dermatology clinic; and a cardiology clinic. Medpro Clinic Group has an annual turnover of more than SEK 300 Million.

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