Hans Wittrup holds the position as director and chairman of the board at Medpro Clinic Group in Sweden. His interest in working with healthcare as a profession arose as early as in 1992 when he graduated with a degree in medicine. This kick-started a life dedicated to medical science and later entrepreneurship.

In 1998, alongside his extensive medical studies and research projects, Hans Wittrup founded a Norwegian recruitment company that focused on recruiting temporary medical staff and doctors to permanent job positions in England, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The successful experience with the recruitment company and the subsequent sale in 2011 contributed to Hans Wittrup’s interest in creating something out of nothing. The unpredictability and excitement in creating something from scratch gave Hans Wittrup further nutrition to expand Medpro Clinic, which in 2007 acquired its first medical clinic in Trollhättan in Sweden.

Today, Hans Wittrup manages the position as CEO of Medpro Clinic Group. The company consists of six medical clinics in Sweden that annually provide services to more than 47.000 patients. In addition, Medpro operates six rehabilitation and physiotherapy clinics as well as a dermatological and cardiology clinic. Medpro has an annual turnover of SEK 300 million.

Today, Medpro Clinic Group is Hans Wittrup’s driving force.

Hans Wittrup – significant life events

  • 1992: Earned Medical Degree.

  • 1993: Passed the USMLE exam giving the right to practice as a doctor in USA.

  • 1994-2000: Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen, Herlev Hospital.

  • 1995-2000: Oral presentations at international conferences; lecturer to medical students and junior doctors; awarded scholarships; awarded research funds; reviewer for three international scientific journals.

  • 1998: Earned PhD based on the dissertation: “Variation in the lipoprotein lipase gene: influence on lipids and on the risk of ischemic heart disease”.

  • 1998: Founded Medpro.

  • 2000-2003: Anesthesia departments at University of Copenhagen associated hospitals, Herlev Hospital and Rigshospitalet.

  • 2003: CEO and Chairman of the Board at Medpro Clinic Group.

  • 2007: First General Practitioner Clinic (Swedish: “vårdcentral”) acquired Trollhattan, Sweden.

  • 2010: Hans Wittrup completed the Copenhagen Ironman (3.86km swim/180km cycle/42.2km run).

  • 2011: Medpro recruitment and temporary employment business sold to Transmedica.

  • 2020: Medpro Clinic Group has turnover of more than SEK 300 million.


Hans Wittrup always strives to acquire new knowledge and is passionate about inspiring other people.

Hans Wittrup strives to acquire new knowledge and is passionate about inspiring others. When it comes to management, his style favors freedom with responsibility. He believes that mutual respect and a comfortable environment are key to a productive workplace.  

This style of management characterizes how Medpro has been run since its inception. Hans has never been afraid of conflict – in fact he believes conflict provides an opportunity to become wiser.  He is not afraid to admit when he is wrong. He believes “getting wiser depends on your willingness to accept criticism and to welcome input from others”.  

He inspires others to follow their dreams and explore their potential. When he sees talent, he makes sure that person has the opportunity to succeed. He believes each person is obligated to develop the talents they have been given and to help others around them do the same.

Medpro emphasizes these key-values to running their business: Happy to serve customers to the best of our ability. Brave to walk roads that others dare not. Honesty in every part of our business.

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